A modest proposal

I got the new zombie game Left 4 Dead from a friend for Christmas (thereby assuring his place in the bunker when the actual zombie apocolypse occurs) and it’s a lot of fun.  I could write a review but it’ll just be the same gushing praise that others have already given it.  I would just add one thing:  Most of the reviews poo-poo the single player version of the game.  While I agree that multiplayer adds a definate ‘umph’ factor, I have a great deal of fun playing single player.  Perhaps that’s just making a virtue out of necessity since some unknown glitch (perhaps a microphone issue) has made the multiplayer experience frustrating for me with frequent instances of getting signed off at the most crucial times.

What I’d really like to see, however, is a mashup between this game and Team Fortress 2.  Just imagine the heavy vs. the tank…the smoker vs. the sniper…the hunter vs. the scout…and the pyro vs. the horde….

mmmmmm…..massive zombie destruction….mmmmmm

Speaking of zombies, I was able to catch the British miniseries Dead Set.  Pretty good zombie apocalypse horror along the lines of Dawn of the Dead/28 Days Later.  The zombies are fast…and hungry.  The twist is that the series follows contestants of the reality show Big Brother.  While they’re on the show, isolated from the outside world, the zombie apocalypse takes place.

If you enjoyed  Dawn of the Dead, you could even consider this to be another story within that universe, which would make it similar to the concept behind World War Z.  Now, they’re planning on making a film version of the book but I think that’s the wrong vehicle for it.  Given that the book is really a collection of vignettes that take place all over the world, World War Z is much better suited for TV (probably cable given the necessary violence).  The show could then spend one or a few episodes following people and story lines around the globe during the zombie uprising.

Ok…I’m getting waaay too into this whole zombie thing.  Maybe I’ll go see Twilight

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  1. Dead Set looks brilliant! Will have to review it this weekend. Heard that “Twilight” sucks the big one, go see “Transporter 3″ instead. I’m looking forward to World War Z, I’m betting that J Michael Straczynski (Bab5) will be able to pull off a good script. Yes, it won’t be as good as the book, but I’ll bet it does good enough.

  2. Actually the Twilight comment was intended to be sarcastic. As I’m not a 14 year old girl I don’t think I’m the target demographic for the movie.

    Dead Set was quite good and if you can’t get it from the website I believe it is readily available via other (torrent) channels.

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