Time to shoot some zombies…

Part of the reason I was silent on the blogging front last week was because I just got a new laptop and was transferring my files and programs to the new computer.  I probably did it the hard way but I’m just about finished now.

The good news is my new computer (another Toshiba Satellite) may not be top of the line but is powerful enough to do things I couldn’t.  Most importantly (at this time of year, at least) is I can play Left4Dead in the versus and cooperative mode which I wasn’t able to do before.

Now, Valve is announcing they’ll be releasing Left4Dead 2 in a few weeks.  While it looks pretty cool, I’ll probably wait for awhile.  No need to spend the bucks when on Halloween…

Some modders are planning on releasing a new campaign for the original Left4Dead called ‘Dead Before Dawn‘ and based upon the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead.  Check out the trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s nice to see that Valve and fans will continue to support the first Left4Dead keeping the game alive (so to speak) like Team Fortress2.

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