She's a brick….house!

I know this is causing a bit of a backlash here and the Obama camp is having to apologize but I for one was glad to hear Samantha Power’s remarks about Hillary Clinton:

She is a monster, too – that is off the record – she is stooping to anything,”

Power wrote the phenomenal book A Problem from Hell about the U.S. response to genocide throughout the 20th century. I know it won’t get to this but if the Clinton campaign gets their collective panties in a bunch over this and starts acting too outraged, I’d love to hear Power point out that part of that great ’35 year’ tradition of experience that Hillary keeps talking about included not only doing nothing during the Rwandan genocide (800,000 dead) but active American interference and foot dragging to prevent others from taking action as well.

How’s that for a 3a.m. call that didn’t get answered?

If I wasn’t already married I just might propose to her…

Update:  It appears the flak got too heavy and she had to resign.  Apparently, the thoroughly ‘vetted’ and ‘battle hardened’ Hillary Clinton was about to have an attack of the vapors because of the comments.

The Bush/Clinton dynasty has to end.  I don’t want to be in my 50s before I have an opportunity to vote for a president/vice president who doesn’t come from either family (oh wait…Jenna, Barbara and Chelsea will be old enough to run at the end of a Hillary reign).

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