Afghanistan flashback – Update!

WARNING!  Don’t read this unless you read this first.

I can’t believe I forget the twist to this whole story…I think I’m losing it.

A few days after our mission we had a visit from the warlord who gave us persission to ‘disable’ those guns.  It seems we had different definitions of the word ‘disable’.  I’m not sure what he expected but he was shocked (SHOCKED!, I tell you) that we destroyed them and was looking for compensation.  You see, he claimed that he hired 14 people to guard those guns and we had essentially put them out of work.

Now, nobody said anything about that when we were going through the village and there was certainly no one guarding the darn things when we got to them.  I personnaly think it was a clumsy attempt to get some money from us and fortunately we didn’t give him any but he brought up that incident for weeks afterward in an effort to extract extra favors and concessions from us.

Jeez…who would have thought we’d get a hard time getting rid of weapons?

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