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Nordic roundup

Absolutely, amazing site by Helsingin Sanomat that takes pictures from early 20th century Helsinki and compares them with modern views of the same places.  Time sink alert!

You know Stellan Skarsgård.  He played ‘Bootstrap’ Bill Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean and was in Mamma Mia.  Well, he gives an interview which, I think, provides an outsider’s view of America that probably isn’t too unique among our European cousins.

…there are a lot of fantastic things about America, and half of Americans are pretty sane. You have a lot of interesting culture, writers, filmmakers, and intellectual debate, which is fabulous. But it is difficult to accept a system where the level of the political debate is such that Republican senators or congressmen that have gone to great universities can stand up and say, “If you get healthcare it is socialism and your grandmas will be shot.” And nobody says anything!

But elitism isn’t dead among the Swedish political classes.  The mayor of Hörby had a mural painted in the municipal building and had his face painted on the image of a Roman legionary. A local police officer had his face placed on a legionary escorting Christ.

Insert your own interpretation of what that means and if that is the sort of imagery you’d want your local law enforcement to demonstrate.

The mural sounds like a hot mess with allusions not only to Christ but also the the Arab Spring, a 17th century anti-Swedish insurgent movement of Danes.  I apologize for not finding an image of the mural but, upon reflection, perhaps it’s best I didn’t.


Those crazy Swedes

This story is really most incredible.  Bonus points to anyone who can weave this into some sort of international spy thriller. So, this truck driver walks into a pizzeria and orders a beer (after having too many)…

Enraged at being cut off by staff at the pizzeria, the driver proceeded to urinate on other diners’ foo

His friends then started attacking other guests at the establishment on the belief someone had called police.

The angry driver then lost track of who was friend or foe, knocking flat one his friends who was trying to help the drunken 29-year-old find the door.

Pretty wild, right?  Oh, it’s not over yet…

While police detained the 29-year-old’s punched out friend, the irate driver managed to escape the scene, only to mysteriously turn up in another man’s kitchen a short time later, bloodied and wearing only his underwear.

The proprietor of the kitchen into which the 29-year-old stumbled kindly offered to give the man a ride, only to find himself eating a knuckle sandwich courtesy of the rampaging truck driver as they made their way to the good Samaritan’s car, according to the paper.

Later in the evening, the 29-year-old tried to steal a car parked in a nearby driveway.

Ok, let’s wind this up…

The drunken driver…was eventually tracked down by police after he left his credit card and a pack of cigarettes in the car he’d attempted to steal.

Whew…that’s exhausting.  How about a bite to eat?

Surströmming – Fermented herring that reportedly (I’ve never smelled it) smells so bad that it will clear out any room in which it is opened.

I’m not kidding…check this out.

YouTube Preview Image

So bad, in fact, that some person smelling it in their apartment building reported it as a gas leak, bringing out the emergency services.

On Saturday, two fire trucks, two police cars and an emergency gas leak team all rushed towards the Stockholm neighbourhood Södermalm, having been alerted by concerned neighbours who smelled gas in the stairwell, but the unpleasant smell turned out to come from something less dangerous.

Mrs. TwShiloh is a pretty patriotic Swede but even she won’t lay claim to this dish.


Northern News

Ever hear of the “Nordic-Baltic 8”?  Me neither but it’s sort of a chilly G20 for nations around the nations around the Baltic.  Don’t bother googling it, there isn’t much there and even the NATO page that references it gives you a 404 error (perhaps that’s a hint?)


The Atlantic Council, however, makes an argument that we should be very interested in the NB-8 and it’s recent meeting in Lithuania for three reasons:

  1. The rising importance of Germany in European affairs and a shift from an East-West European axis to a North-South one.
  2. Energy politics and competition with Russia over the exploitation of oil and gas reserves
  3. The melting of the ice cap which will allow year round transportation of goods and services (as well as more energy exploitation) which will be “nothing less than a revolution in strategic affairs and will turn the world on its head.”

In making their pitch for maintaining (nay, strengthening!) cross Atlantic cooperation, they state:

…the world will not just ‘pivot’ on Asia, it will also ‘pivot’ on the two High Norths of Continental North America and Europe; the new Super-Highways for the ‘Global Commons’.

Lunghu provides some interesting news from Finland.

First, Finland is going to go through some defense cuts and finds itself with an extra 100,000 ‘mint condition’ assault rifles.

Much more intriguing, however, is this story about the Arctic Sea (You haven’t forgotten so soon, have you?).

Investigators in the northern Russian port of Arkhangelsk have charged in absentia Estonia’s former spy chief, Eerik-Niiles Kross, with organizing the hijacking of the cargo ship Arctic Sea in 2009, a spokesman for the regional Investigative Committee, Yury Shperling said on Friday. [emphasis added]

The Social Democrats were the dominate party in Sweden for decades.  Over the past few years we’ve seen a spectacular decline and collapse.  Just recently the head of the party resigned meaning the party will have four leaders in five years, hardly a sign of stability.  After decades of being the party that received the largest share of votes in the country it now is languishing with support of less than a quarter of Swedes.

Finally, while Mrs. TwShiloh is normally the even tempered embodiment of lagom, there was much gnashing of teeth at TwS HQ when it was announced that Ikea would no longer carry many beloved brands of Swedish food.  Well, expat Swedes around the world are rising in revolt and demanding blood (well, they’ve got a Facebook page).  All I know is that I better be able to get some crayfish for next year’s party…

Crayfish Party!

Image by iago18335 via Flickr

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Crazy Swedish Headline of the week

Swede charged for ‘shooting down UFOs’

On the evening of July 15th, the man thought he saw UFOs outside his apartment in Hedemora.

To protect himself from the attackers from outer space, he picked up a pistol and fired several shots.

I’m not sure which is more disturbing.  The fact that this guy thinks he sees UFOs or that he thinks the most appropriate reaction to meeting visitors from light years away is to break out the gat and try to fill ‘em full of lead.


Those dirty Danes!

Swedish elk warning sign, a popular tourist so...

Image via Wikipedia

Occasionally, the Swedes feel like the Rodney Dangerfields of Scandinavia.  The Norwegians celebrate their independence from Sweden by…going to Stockholm and throwing around their oil money and getting drunk.  The Danes…well, they’re still upset Vasa spanked them in the 16th century.  According to Mrs. TwShiloh, Sweden is often regarded as the ‘older brother’ of the Nordics and so there’s always a bit of simmering resentment going on (with an ongoing theme that the Swedes think they’re better than everyone else).

Well, the Danes have gone too far in their provocations!

A group of Danes ‘on vacation’ (probably a covert espionage mission) went to visit a wildlife park called ‘Mooseland’ in Southern Sweden.  Apparently, they were unimpressed by the size of Swedish Moose (meese?, mooses? moiux?) and ‘demanded compensation’ from the local tourist board because the moose were too small.

Now, had these silly Danes read this blog they would have seen way back in 2008 (!) I had warned about Moose park tourist traps.  Really, that should serve as all the public notice needed and everything beyond that is ‘caveat emptor’.  Clearly, this is a hostile act by an aggressive nation that must be stopped.  Only when the Danes are prevented from bullying their neighbors from demanding refunds from lame tourist attractions will peace reign in Europe.

Great Swedish Headline of the Week

Trucker goes berserk in bizarre berry picker blitz

That is all….

Prepare yourself for the horrors of the iron fist of Sweden!

I know why you all come here to TwShiloh.  It’s to see the real connections that define this shared space we all call ‘reality’.  News media, social media and the rest can tell you a bunch of superficial crap but only here, dear reader, can you find THE TRUTH.

Case in point.

There has been a rash of UFO sightings in Argentina lately.  Only true TwShiloh fans can piece this puzzle together since they’ll remember my report of October 24, 2008 (!) in which I described the sighting (and filming) of a tomte in that country.  Back then I wrote:

Look, I’ve established, beyond any doubt, in this blog that King Carl Gustav of Sweden is insanely evil and has been working on raising an army of flesh eating zombies to fulfill his plans of world domination.  Now, I think this is evidence that he also has enlisted tomtes as commandos to infiltrate the centers of world power (and remote Argentinian villages).

I’m also beginning to suspect my wife of being involved…Save yourself…I’ll keep blogging as long as possible.  Watch the Swedes!


Only now can we piece together the mystery.  The evidence is clear.  King Gustav has not only created an army of zombies and a commando force of side-stepping tomtes to do his bidding but he’s obviously also developed a fleet of interstellar ships to haul them around the universe (or, at least Latin America).

My god, people!  How much proof do you need!?

Well, let me give you some more….

According to the Spanish news site rosario3.com (translated here) there’s even MORE evidence of hostile tomtes running amok in Argintina.

According to residents of Suncho Corral, there appears to be a creature that hits people…The Nuevo Diario de Santiago del Estero newspaper reports that residents of Suncho Corral allege that the imp appears in the pre-dawn hours, adding that it also attacked a child on its way to visit a friend’s house.

Another local was startled by the creature as he went for a ride in his bike. The creature supposedly wore “an enormous hat and had large ears.”

Mrs. TwShiloh continues to assert that this is, in fact, a chimpanzee that has escaped from somewhere and somehow puts a hat on and punches people.  That theory is completely ridiculous and can be dismissed out of hand.  The only thing that this ‘theory’ is good for is confirming that Mrs. TwShiloh is a minion of the King and is involved in an active and aggressive deception campaign against me and other truth seekers…

Swedish chaos

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about Sweden and things have gone to hell in a handbasket…

The Swedish cities of Gothenburg and Malmö have witnessed some surprising organized criminal activity.

Since the start of the year, there have been more than 20 shootings in Gothenburg and Malmö alone, many with clear connections to criminal gangs.

But, to be fair, there are plenty of comparably populated cities in the U.S. that would love to have only 20 shootings over a comparable time frame.

What might be worrying for the Swedes is the following:

In addition to conflicts between established gangs like the Outlaws, Hells Angels, and Bandidos, police have also seen a rise in new gangs based in the suburbs which have lead to increasing competition between the rival groups.

A rise of suburban gangs might indicate a shift of criminal activity from (traditionally) socially excluded populations (generally immigrants) to a broader pool.  That may be a problem if Swedish police and social services aren’t being proactive.

The King has come under fire for allegations that he’s (brace yourself) visited strip clubs and had an affair…a decade or more ago.  You’d think after almost 40 years of rule a monarch would have something a bit more juicy in terms of abuses of power other than getting an occasional lap dance.  The shocking thing is that people are trying to use this as justification for demands that he step down and relinquish his crown.  Oh, Vasa must be spinning in his grave…

Speaking of dictatorial Swedish leaders, it appears young Swedes are pining for being ruled with an iron fist:

Over 25 percent young Swedes think that it would be “good or very good” for Sweden to be less democratic and ruled by a strong and dictatorial leader, according to a new study.

I actually think this says less about Swedes and reinforces the idea that roughly 20% of any given population is made up of the goofy, mentally foreclosed, and crazy.


By God! We’ll give ‘em what for!!

I’ve been spending far too much time playing Empire:  Total War which I’m finally able to play.


Image by Wilson X via Flickr

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the 18th century and this hits that sweet spot pretty well.  The Total War franchise has produced some really solid games thus far and if you enjoyed those you’ll like this one.  One of the big features of this game was detailed sea battles.  While they are cool, have more than a few ships seems to makes attempts to control all your forces a bit cumbersome.

As you can probably guess, I’m anxious to play the Swedes and crush Europe under my heel.

It’s just outside the timeframe of the game but here’s a great video and song about the last battle Sweden fought, that Battle of Sävar.

YouTube Preview Image


Finally, here’s a bit of alternate history.  What if Sweden won the Great Northern War?  (Now with techno themed battle scenes!)

YouTube Preview Image
The Swedish Victory at Narva, 1700 by Gustaf C...

Image via Wikipedia


We are the vikings…

Ok, it’s no Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden but if you’re looking for ancient history themed popular music here you go…

YouTube Preview Image

Check out all their stuff here.  h/t Bread and Circuses